Design, personalization, warehousing, video cards & shipping for birthdays that appeal to fans in an inherently personal way while creating a new asset for sponsorship engagement. All in one place!

Integrates into mascot platform for premium, local delivery experience 📲

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as a service (BaaS)


work with us

why birthdays?

we all have them

100% of fans have a birthday to celebrate 🥳

inherently personal

85% of  individuals report “feeling special” when others put thought into their birthdays

celebratory occasions

the average American spends $1,400 per year on party gifts

year round activation

365 Days each year of relevant fan engagement since birthdays don't have an off-season


Scoreboard shoutouts, mascot birthday party appearances, & birthday parties at the park/arena/field.


Birthdays rule social media with 45 million+ posts DAILY on Facebook alone. Get some #amplification for your brand 

all season 
off season 
no season

looking at you 2020, you 💩

we will always have birthdays


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don't worry - our demos are as commitment-free as a middle-school first date 😙