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let's get this party started 


Birthday Program

Holiday Deliveries 


General Information

Pricing Guide 

Project Onboarding Process

Step One

Step Two 

Step Three

Step Four

Step Five

Set the scene -

What's the occasion? How many people do we hope to reach?

Are there sponsors or other stakeholders involved? 

Let's finalize the price at which you want to offer this gift or experience. Then we will map out all the costs & get an idea of the potential revenue and set sales targets. 

🔸 Working agreement DUE

Proofs and final approvals for the whole package (box, packaging, greeting card, & gift contents)

🔸 Birthday Program ONLY  - here's when your first payment is DUE

Count down to launch! Time to promote ahead of the campaign kickoff date. 


Using the mascot delivery platform? We will get you set up and comfortable with the tool during this time. 

Campaign on-sale 🎉

For shoppers, we provide Live Help Chat 9-9 CST if they have questions, plus email support via help@boxxedup.co 

For clients, we execute on all logistics, track public engagement, & sales. 


Platform Capabilities

When do mascots get paid?

Mascots earnings will be paid out bi-monthly throughout the duration of the holiday campaign minus stated BoxxedUp + Credit Card fees for the period. Earnings will be documented and sales reports shared.

How do mascots get paid?

Automatically via Zelle transfer or if you prefer we can mail an old-fashioned check

How much do mascots charge fans for deliveries?

Pricing is up to our mascot partners and their teams. While we can help with research, you know your market and fans best.

Holiday Gifts

What goes into these holiday gift kits?

The short answer - whatever our clients want. We work with mascots/teams to decide on what they want to include. Then sort by which of those elements they have on hand, will get via a sponsor, team store, or will need to order. We collect it all in our nearest warehouse to store, assembly, pack, and ship. Offering local mascot deliveries? We will send pre-made bundles to you, ready to go!

What does the holiday gift kit program cost?

No enrollment or subscription fees. Mascots/teams pay only the per unit cost of packaging & gift kit contents. Then 8.4% of each sale goes to cover cost of credit card processing & BoxxedUp services.

How do you charge for gift kit contents?

Provided =$0.00 There are no added warehousing or handling fees for us to receive items for teams, sponsors, or team stores. So if you have items on hand to include, just send them to our nearest warehouse. Sourced = $Cost Any items that we source for our clients, we do so in pre-determined quantities (at cost) for gift kits. We subtract the expense from mascot/team earnings until paid in full. ​ For example sorry, word problems are the worst...

  • Team & BoxxedUp agree to collaborate on 100 gift kits for the Holiday season (4 weeks)
  • Team sends 3 of 5 items to be included from their stockpile
  • BoxxedUp sources 2 of 5 items (Item #4 and Item #5)
After the first two weeks, mascot gets first payout which would take into account the cost of preparing gift kits incurred by BoxxedUp, so the following would be subtracted from their first payout(s):
  • Box Packaging Fee x 100 kits
  • Cost Item #4 x 100 kits
  • Cost Item #5 x100 kits
Reamaining earnings for the first two weeks of sales would be transfered to mascots.

What happens if mascots don't sell out?

Agreeing on a target number of sales helps manage expectations all around. If we plan for 100 units sold over the holiday season, we do all that we can to help reach that target. Naturally, not selling out impacts your potential earnings. But if there are extra contents after the holiday campaign, you get them back to use as you see fit in the future( *). So, worse case senario you have more team branded swag to distribute at a future date. *NOTE* If your sales are not greater than the expense of any gift kit contents or packaging/cards sourced by BoxxedUp, then you are liable for covering the goods at cost. The reamining items will then be transfered into client's ownership for subsequent use as they see fit.

What happens if mascots sell out before the holidays?

We revaluate based on the lead time ahead of major holiday, fans' appetite, and resources at hand. We will do everything possible to help source alternatives and resupply to keep sales a' moving!