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Mascot Holiday HQ 2021

revenue-generating, holiday fun made EASY

less this 👇

thinking about holiday programs before working with us 
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more this 👇

making money PLUS
time to enjoy the holidays  ✅

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holiday gift kits delivered 

all the logistics you need for making fans happy this holiday season & offering sports-lovers the most memorable gifts in town 



Secure Payments

Incognito Call+Text

Route Optimization

Customer Support

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In-Seat Delivery

  • Dynamic Pricing options available  as fans book per game

  • Ticket Verification required for game booked 

  • Instant payments  

  • SMS (text) reminders for fans to be in their seats during delivery window 

  • Customer Help Chat monitored by BoxxedUp Team 

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Local (Home) Delivery

  • Dynamic Booking Link available deliveries sync with mascot's calendar 

  • Instant payments  

  • Route Optimization for busy delivery days 

  • Automatic reminders & alerts for fans to be ready & waiting 

  • Customer Help Chat monitored by BoxxedUp Team 

Bundled & Mailed Direct to Fans

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  • Purchased via Mascot's Personal Booking Link 

  • Warehoused with BoxxedUp & Shipped Directly to fans 

what does it cost?

 ❌ No setup fees or subscriptions 
❌ No hidden fees for personalization, etc.

👉 Gift contents = At Cost*
👉 8.4% Service Fee per transaction

which includes Credit Card Processing | Software | Help Chat | Gift Prep & Sourcing 

*Your vendors or ours - we  are happy to help source gift items at no added cost. 

take a few minutes to learn more & get your holiday campaigns kicked off

Holiday 2021 enrollment deadline 🚨

We are accepting new clients through November 16th for the 2021 Holiday Season.