what we offer

We stand by our belief that professional mascots, cheer, & team personalities are underutilized assets.

Our products are streamlined ways for them to engage fans & generate revenue.

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Holiday Visits & Deliveries 

Full-Service Holiday Deliveries through our one-of-a-kind platform designed for professional mascots. Booking, Scheduling, Payments, & Local Delivery Route Optimization.
Optional to offer mailed gifts to fans via our warehouse.
Opt-In to our holiday gift sourcing or provide your own.

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In-Seat Deliveries 

Fans never leave their seat to experience a celebratory moment shared with the mascot or hype squad. 

Some of our favorite features: 

Calendar x Availability Sync  | Secure & Instant Payments | Dynamic Pricing | SMS Alerts | Submit Confirmation of Ticket/Location

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Unlimited Bookings & Appearances year-round for mascots & team-centric personalities.

No setup or subscription fees just a small booking fee taken as a % per transaction.


Some of favorite features:

Calendar x Availability Sync  | Secure & Instant Payments | Up to 4 different appearance types, durations, & prices

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Birthdays as a Service

Design, personalization, warehousing, & shipping for birthdays kits that appeal to fans in an inherently personal way, while creating a new asset for sponsorship engagement. 

Arrives just in time for that #HBD.


Integrates into mascot platform for premium, local delivery experience 📲